I dont understand my pattern!(beginner)

hello, well so far i can knit a blanket and a scarf in every kinda yarn(wool) going, i love knitting but his was geting a bit repettive. so i went to a shop and was gvine this loely pattern for some baby mittens. the lady in the shop said that it was the simplest thing she could find… and im lost.i just dont understand what it means by yfwd (yarn forward) whats that mean? im feeling rather stupid and hope someone who have a simple way to explane it. can yarn go backward?

Yarn forward means to bring the yarn to the front of the work (as if you were about to do a purl stitch).

Yarn forward means to bring the yarn to the front as if you are going to purl. If you knit the next stitch, it will create a yarn-over eyelet, which is also an increase.

If you check out the Glossary tab above, Amy has many videos and explanations of the various abbreviations in patterns.

oh wow thank you! i didnt think it would be so simple(she said before doing trying it) i’ll have my baby mittens finished …now i just need to find a baby to give them to…-is realy happy regardless-