I don't quite understand, can someone help?

I am completely new to knitting, i understand most of the basics but i am trying to get to grips with reading the patterns. Could someone please explain the following; it is for shaping the back of the neck at the back of a sweater,

(RS), K16 [18,20,22], turn and work this side first

Dec 1 st at neck edge on next 3 rows (13[15,17,19] sts).

Work 4 rows, ending with RS facing for next row.

So i understand the K16, then from turn and work this side first i get confused???

and is the work 4 rows means i do 4 rows of the K16… row then dec 1 for 3 rows and so on, or am i completely out of the ball park??

Please help.


Claire :star:

You’re going to work on one shoulder of the back at a time. For this shoulder, K16, turn as you would at the end of a row. Leave the other sts on the needle or on a holder. You’ll work with them later. Work back on the 16sts, dec 1 st at the beginning of the row and then on the next row at the end of the row and on the 3rd row, at the beginning of the row. All the decreases are at the neck edge rather than the armhole edge. Now you have 13sts on the needle and you work 4 rows without decreases.
You’re making a gradual slope to the neck shaping. These instructions are actually easier to do with the stitches on the needles although it’s always a good idea to read ahead and see what’s coming up.

You’re going to work the shoulders and neckline shaping separately. So k16 turn and work only on those stitches. Right after you turn, dec a stitch then finish the row. Turn and work across the sts till 2 before you turned before and dec. Turn and dec and finish that row. All the decs are done, and you have 13 sts now, so you work 4 rows on them. That will be a RS row, WS row, RS row, WS row and you do whatever it says next on the next row which is a RS row.

thank you very much:knitting:

*** can i check, ive k16 and turned the wrk around, ive dec1 using k2tog. Have i to knit the remaining 14 sts??***

Yes, finish out the row, turn at the end and work to the neck edge again, dec at the end of this row, turn, dec at the beginning of the row and then finish out the row. That’s your 3 decreases.