I don't like my socks!

I’ve had this lovely sock yarn for ages and finally got some other projects completed so that I could start them and I don’t like them…whine whine whine. I am doing the free Monkey pattern and the yarn is varigated blues, greens, oranges. It looked so beautiful and bright in the skein (that I bought 2) and now as I progress on the socks I really don’t like them - the yarn isn’t as bright and fun as I thought it would be and the socks are looking very masculine. I have always given everything away so these were going to be for ME and now I don’t like them :waah:
Do I just plug along and hope I like them or give them away? Or do I frog them and sell the yarn? Do I put them aside and work on 1 of 100 other projects and see if I like them in a month or two?
HELP please

Sounds like you have a dilemma. And a decision to make.

I also have done the Monkey socks - and yes, they do come out rather masculine. Fortunately, they are for dh and done in ivory-colored wool. So no biggie.

But these are for you. YOU. If it was me, I’d frog - then put the whole thing aside for a year to let the disgust fade. Meantime, I’d browse for a different, much more feminine pattern for YOUR OWN socks.

Then totally gofer it! :woot:

The advantage is that having already worked with this wonderfully variegated yarn, you now have a much better idea of what to expect.

Hope this helps,

Sometimes a different pattern can make a difference. Some patterns just don’t display the yarn as well as others. If it is truly just the colors I’d frog it and save that yarn for another project. Maybe some fingerless mitts for DH or a friend? Get some you love just for you!

Me, I would frog, as much at it sucks to do so. I’ve had the same thing happen where I looked at a sock (after I had already turned the heel!) and thought:"I am never going to wear these."
I would put the yarn away for a few weeks, work on something else to take the edge off, and find a new sock pattern that you fall in love with. Here are two great ones to get you started on your quest for perfect socks. I made both of these (am wearing the Sheri’s Lace ones at the moment lol) and I love them.

Sheri’s Lace socks

Sweet Pea Socks

Good luck!

I would change the pattern… sometimes just a simple k2p2 rib is just perfect for a pair of socks.

I have a varigated yarn in different shades of blues and another one in greens and pinks… both of the socks that I made with them, I just used a simple rib pattern.

I did a pair of toddler socks in a solid light blue in a broken rib pattern and it made the socks. A picture of those are on my blog.

If you don’t like them after you make them… give them away or just keep them for those cold winter nights.

I would defintly pick out some more yarn to make some socks for you…

Or you could over-dye the yarn! make it a color (or variegation) you love!

Personally, I would frog it. I don’t like to put many hours in something that I’m not going to like. Maybe you will find the perfect pattern for the yarn!

What about these? They are feminine and soooo easy to knit. Also they are nice and snug fitting because the pattern is stretchy.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

Thank you for all your suggestions and patterns. I am sitting here looking at my sock and am going to pull it out and work on another project and come back to the socks. I’ve got some Caron SS to make a little baby girl baseball cap and the converse booties for friends who adopted a baby girl so that will make a nice distraction.

I’d frog and swap yarn with someone else who likes your sock yarn and wants to make a comparable trade. :slight_smile: Good luck. 'Sorry to hear that you’ve been working so hard only to find you don’t care for it… that’s so heartbreaking.

I’m right with you. I’d been working on Spring Forward in Jitterbug, and as I began to near the toe in the first sock, I started to wonder if I had enough for the second sock. I didn’t think much about yardage when I bought it, but found out later Jitterbug sort of skimps a bit in the yardage department. I just don’t think there is going to be enough:pout: I finally decided to frog the sock (not that I actually DID it yet though:roll:), despite all the time I put into it, and how much I love it. I just can’t justify getting another ball of the stuff to finish it - $40 for a pair of socks is just insane!

Let us know when you frog yours … maybe I’ll do mine with you!

WOW that stinks that you’re frogging b/c you won’t have enough yarn !!! I keep saying I’m going to frog it, but I haven’t yet - I’ll let you know when I do…maybe tonight. I think I set my mind to making them for so long while I did other projects for other people that now I can’t believe that I don’t like them. I can’t even finish them for the hubby as he only wears argyles.

When I do frog it anyone wanna swap sock yarns?

I went through a similar problem with socks. I had some self patterning sock yarn with nice colours, but I wasn’t fond of the pattern that it made. (I’m not a big fair isle fan). I used the Jaywalker pattern from magknits (it’s free, but the website isn’t up right now) and I loved how it threw off the fair isle pattern to look completely different.

It sounds like you really like the colours in the yarn, but the pattern isn’t doing it justice. I would find a different pattern for your current yarn and, if you really like the monkey pattern, I would find a more feminine yarn colour for it. You would have two pairs of lovely socks this way :smiley: