I dont know if this pattern is right?

I’m knitting my daughter a “poncho” type of sweater and it has sizes for 6 12 18 and 24 mos as like any other pattern it starts with the 6 mos and the others are in () im stuck at the end of the back and it says

" 1st row: (RS) K2, SL1, K1, psso knit to last 4 sts. K2tog, K2
2nd row: P2, P2tog, purl to last 4 sts, P2togtbl, P2
3rd row:As 1st row.
4th row: purl

then Rep last 4 rows 6 (4-2-2) times more. Cast off rem 18 (20-22-24) sts."

So the prob that im having is that i dont understand why the 6 mos says 6 times and the 12 mos says 4 (makes the back very small and im left with wayyyyy more the 20 sts. so do they mean 64??

You repeat the decrease rows 4 more times, there’s 2 sts lost on each of 3 rows, x 4 repeats, so that decreases a total of 12 sts. How many did you start with?


i just dont get for bigger sizes the numbers of sts arnt more?? for in stance one says: 60 (50-40-42) and another says 6 (4-2-2) haha

the numbers aren’t allways number of stitches. in your example:

Rep last 4 rows 6 (4-2-2) times more. Cast off rem 18 (20-22-24) sts."

the first set of numbers is how many times to repeat the 4 rows of decreases. The second set of numbers is the number of stitches you should have remaining (which you notice DOES get higher )

It still doesn’t work - if she’s starting with 60 sts and decreasing 12 there should be 48 left, not 20.

It would really help if you could name the pattern, or link to it; that way we can read it and see if you’re misunderstanding something somewhere.