I don't get this instruction

I am working on this pattern. A pretty simple tank with garter stitch around bottom, neck edge, and armholes. The instructions for finishing really have me puzzled though.

“Sew right shoulder together. With smaller needle, pick up 3 sts for every 4 around neck edge. Work 6 rows in garter st., bind off. Sew left shoulder, pick up sts as for neckline at armhole edges and work 6 rows garter st. Bind off and repeat at other armhole edge. Sew side seams.”

Huh??? :??

I don’t get why you wouldn’t just sew the shoulder and side seams first, then do the picking up and knitting of the trim for the openings.

Can someone help me figure this out?

Well to finish the neck you would need to keep one should open, otherwise, you would have to knit in the round to do the neck. I tried knitting a neck after seaming both shoulders and it was really hard!

Same goes for the armholes.

Okay, so I would be working flat to do these parts??? (that’s where I was kind of lost) I’d pick up stitches all around the neck edge, do my garter stitch edging, then the edging would be included when I seam up the shoulders. It’s making more sense now - thanks!!


Yup, you’d need to knit it flat using straight needles.

Happy to help!