I dont get it

http://www.bbc.co.uk/stoke/my_pages/babywear/hkp/003.shtml the pattern i am looking at is here

how do you cast on 1 stitch and then make 1 in the next row

i dont get it

If I’m understanding it correctly, you would, of course, cast on one stitch. After the 1st stitch, you would need to make an increase (M1) and continue to do that at the beg. of each row, knitting the first stitch of each row and doing the M1 increase after knitting the first stitch. Here’s the link to Amy’s increases videos.


The only way you do that on a single st is to kfb, also called the bar increase. After you have more sts, you can use the more conventional make 1 increase.

i looked at amy’s video
and i dont get it
because she shows the increase in the middle of the row
not at the beginning of it

You kfb in the cast on stitch, then also kfb in the second stitch in every row. Each row is k1, kfb, knit the rest of the sts. When a pattern says to increase or make a stitch [B]in[/B] a stitch, it’s always knit front and back. And it doesn’t matter if the increase is at the beginning of a row, the middle or the end, it’s done the same way. Look at the bar increase video, that’s the one used in this pattern.