I Donated My Hair!

I finally did it - I cut my hair. I havn’t had a “real” haircut in about 1 1/2 years. I was intentionally growing it long to donate to Locks of Love. It was getting so thick and heavy I was having daily headaches :ick: so DH finally convinced me to cut it. I was able to donate a little more than 10 inches. :cheering: I’m happy with my new look and am looking forward to no more headaches!!!

I think I’ll probably donate again and I would recommend it to anyone! :thumbsup:

Cool. When my mother went through chemo she received a wig from a similar group. They do good things with the help of good people like you.

Oh, wow! That’s awesome! What a great cause to endure headaches for. You are making someone very happy!

My hair would never grow this much in 1 1/2 years. Yours looks so full and gorgeous! :inlove:

I like the new short looks of it. It suits you very well the way it frames your face. Congrats!

Your new haircut looks great! And it was nice of you to donate it - I’m sure they love gorgeous, thick hair like yours.

That is so awesome! I’ve done it twice before, and it’s really a worthwhile thing to do. It’s great because you’re really giving something of yourself, it took year to be able to do it, and not many people have done the same. Bonus points because you like the new 'do. Congratulations on your accomplishment! :cheering:

I did that last summer. It was such a weird feeling- giving my hair away. I think they got about 12 inches. Since my hair was so thick, she had to put it into 2 ponytails. I encourage anyone who is interested in this type of giving to look into it before you go the distance of growing it out for a few years! (LoL doesn’t take bleached or gray hair and pull out hair shorter than 12" so don’t get it layered, etc.)


Last summer my hair was 2 ft long (literally… i actually measured my hair. it was down to my bottom haha) I had been growing it out for 5 years without a haircut! although I did get it trimmed of course. Anyways, I got it cut and didn’t donate my hair. I really should have but can’t remember why.

Love your hair! It looks great!!!

That’s a wonderful thing to do, and your new haircut looks great! :hug:

Good for you! I actually like the shorter haircut on you better so double bonus! :cheering::cheering::cheering:

Looks great!

I did it too last October during breast cancer awerness month. I donated my hair to locks of love as well all in memory of my mom. Here are the pics of me before and after.

You look great and did a good thing. :heart:

I can’t grow my hair out–I look terrible in long hair. I end up doing this::hair: lol!

My DD, however has grown hers out twice and donated it. And she’s doing it again!:slight_smile:

Hi…good for you! I think you look a little younger with shorter hair too :slight_smile:

MommaG has since posted…my good wishes also to you :slight_smile: I bet your mom [mum] smiled a great big smile when you did that.

Great job! you look marvelous. My sister did that too, she cut over two feet off of her hair and donated it. My hair is so thin and stringy that I don’t think they’d take it even if I tried to donate it, and my DH would be VERY ANGRY if I ever cut more than the split ends off of my hair!

What a wonderful thing to do!!

you look like a million bucks!

You are amazing!!! This is such a generous and kind thing for you to do! :cheering: And yes, your haircut looks GREAT!

Thank you for giving up your beautiful hair. My DIL does the same thing. Your new hair style looks great.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja :knitting: