I don`t know yet!

But isn`t this yarn CUTE ???

I want to make some neckwarmers for my friend´s daughters ( she´s sending a special yarn package for me with my BIL when he comes this weekend… )

Anybody know of any cute ( free ) neckwarmer patterns?:wink:


I have no patterns to share, but the colors are pretty! Can’t wait to see the fo’s!

Cherry Garcia

Hey! That´s cool!!! But I¨m not sure it´s a pattern that I´d be able to do 3 of in 10 days ( I´ve never done cables before, plus the holidays, plus work, ya know… ) But I might have to make that one for me!:happydance:

I¨m thinking of trying this one:

But I´m not sure if I¨ll be able to get gauge with the yarn I have. May end up doing the Luxurious neckwarmer by Lion brand. ( http://cache.lionbrand.com/patterns/ktf-neckWarmer.html )

Will post some pix soon ( I hope! )


You could knit the quickie cowl with the yarn you have anyway; would make it just a little smaller. Or add sts in increments of 5; the stitch pattern is a multiple of 5 sts, plus 2, plus 6 for the garter edges.

Wouldn`t I have to subtract by increments of 5 then if I´m going to make it smaller?

Hey! You´re a “mod squad”! Congrats!!!


No, if the yarn you have makes it smaller, you want it bigger, so you add 5. Depends on whether your yarn is worsted or heavier. If it’s heavier you don’t need to change a thing. And I’d probably get gauge with the worsted anyway, but that might be too loose a knit for some.

And thank you. They tapped a bunch of us at the beginning of the month.


Maybe this will give you a starting point?