I doan WANNA

i have a simple hooded baby cardigan almost done, except for seaming up and in the raglan sleeves.

today i am 37 weeks, and unlike most preggos, i have very good reasons (too many and complicated to spew out here) why it would be very very much better to not go into labor until my due date.

i think this rebellion against the sleeves (i stopped and made matching thumbless mittens, and baby socks, and have started and almost finished a pair of bulky alpaca mittens for my mom in the meantime) is in large part a delaying tactic, as in “the baby can’t come until the sleeves are done.”

how can i get psyched for seaming?
(please, no horror stories about how contrary to my magical thinking, “the baby can come anysecond now, so i better get crackin’,” stress is bad for the baby and this is a high-risk pregnancy)

i think part of the reason i’m dragging my needles is that after grafting the hood, it looks pretty terrible, but i don’t think i can undo it without losing a bunch of inches. blech.

next time sleeves are supposed to be knit flat, i’m going to blatantly disregard the directions, and do them in the round.


ps this is my first sweater ever. next pattern i try will be chosen for its lack of seams, not degree of ease.

Go for it! It is not as bad as it seems once you get into it. The worst part of this is the anticipation! (smile) Good luck!

How about tiny goals, such as 1 inch of seam per day? You’ll get it done, and maybe even, since that bit is so small, you might find yourself doing more than that, and before you know it, it’s all over with!

Well, if you put them off long enough maybe you can the Guiness Book of World Records for longest pregnancy. :rofl:

All it requires for me to get psyched for seaming is that it will be done.