"I do shrug" anyone?

anyone care to join me in knitting i do shrug ??? it will be fun :cheering: to have friends joining me …come and start clicking with me !!

Is this the pattern on Knitty Spring '05?

If so, it’s gorgeous!! I wish I had room on the To Do list. :pout:

I’ll check back here if I find yarn in the stash for this.

oo that is pretty! Funny, I always read each knitty issue front to back (so to speak) 10 times at least, and then everytime someone posts a linkt o the pattern, I feel like I haven’t seen it before! :shrug:

Me too, Hildie!!

THat is really pretty!! And great for a dressing up occasion! I wonder if the Nashua June I bought would be better suited for that?? I was going to do the Branching Out scarf with that, but that is way too impratical for me and I wouldn’t want to give it away to anyone!! :teehee:


ETA: I would need a couple more balls I think…I’ll just have to go to Kelly’s YS. Oh darn!!! :teehee:

sure let me know … i am trying to gather more knitting buddy here to start …

i am half way done with my shrug and hopefully will post it here next 2 weeks…this week my hubby’s birthday so i will be busy celebrating :clink: :woot: :happydance: and the completion of the shrug will be slightly delayed… xxx