I do not understand this pattern!

Hi, I am new. I will get around to the introduce yourself thread in a minute. I need help now!! I do not know how to read patterns like a pro just yet, I am new to knitting. I got a free pattern off the shelf at Hobby Lobby, a cable scarf. Very pretty and once I learned how to cable from my how- to book, I was good to go. So I thought. How easy will it be for me to describe the problem I am having and to get help? I thought about calling my aunt, who is an EXPERT at this, but wondered just how confusing it would be to knit over the phone? If someone is willing to help me figure this silly thing out, (it is probably so blinkin easy, I’m just not gettin’ it), I will so whatever I have to do, type the whole pattern, describe it, whatever one does when they are about to tie all the yarn around one of the kids and roll it all out the door!!!

I’m going to pick up pizza for dinner, I will check back in a couple hours!!:muah:

Ok, take a deep breath and enjoy your pizza!

Now, tell us how far you’ve gotten - and exactly what part of the pattern are you having trouble with. Have you cast on yet? To do a cable, you will probably need to know how to knit and purl. Have you mastered those 2 stitches yet?

Just tell us what the pattern says to do and what you don’t understand about it. You don’t need to type in the whole thing (the pattern belongs to someone else, so it’s not a good idea), just the part you can’t figure out.

Can I just that I think you guys are awesome already! :woohoo: You must have transmitted knitting vibes or something, cuz when I sat down to work up the row I was having problems with, a light bulb came on. Pick up the handy dandy how-to book goofball! And the fact that the computer blinked OFF!!! when I was about to log back on here contributed.

Here is what I was wondering, (then I’ll tell ya what I was doing wrong. Maybe.) The cast one was 30, then work up 12 rows of moss st, for the bottom border of the scarf, inc 2 in last row. 32, right? Then the edgingon the sides started to take shape, 8 sts on either side of the beg of the Panel Pat., which it pointed out was worked over 16 sts. It said work 8, Work 1st row of Panel Pat, work 8 more, etc. for 2 rows. Then, it said Panel Pat and edging are now in place, proceed as follows. Which left me on my own at Row 3. It didn’t tell me to do those 8 sts then insert the Panel Pat. then do the 8 on other side. That is what I was supposed to do right? It seemed to be working swimmingly until I got to the first cable row. That’s where the DUH comes in. I neglected to read HOW TO DO A C4B. You wanna know what I was doing? :aww: I was putting 4 on the cable needle. Cuz it said C4, right! Well that used up 8 stiches, duh. So when I got to the end I was short 4 sts to finish the edging. Could not for the life of me understand why!!! I had worked this thing up five times and did the same thing every time! Then like I said, a light bulb came on, and I did what I tell my kids to do all the time. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOUR PROBLEM IS AND HOW TO FIX IT!!! READ THE INSTRUCTIONS. So I did.

Then I tried all night ling to get on here to tell you so you could join in the chorus of angles singing, but the dumb husband’s computer, er, I mean the husband’s dumb computer, wouldn’t get a connection. So, I’m good!

You guys are totally awesome, and I will be sticking around!!! I’ll head to the intro forum soon!


Yaaah! You got it! Isn’t it wonderful when the lightbulb comes on?

Glad you figured it out.