I do not understand this chart it’s only for 9 rows

Hi I’m knitting a jumper on the magic loop. Please can someone help me understand this 9 row chart

What is the name of your pattern?
The chart is for stranded colorwork where the dark squares designate brown yarn and the light squares green yarn. The 4sts across the row show you the repeat starting from the lower right and reading to the left.
Row 1 is 2sts brown, 1 stitch green, 1 stitch brown (brown-brown-green-brown). That sequence is repeated across the row to the marker.
Are you knitting back and forth in rows or in the round?

Hi thank you for replying,I downloaded the Harry styles pattern from Etsy.`also I have never knitted the magic loop. I will try my best to try and knit the jumper.

Maybe similar to this one?

If it’s knit back and forth instead of in the round, row 2 should be read left to right. All the even number rows are read left to right. The odd number rows are read right to left.

Hi this is the jumper

That makes more sense. Since it’s knit in the round (magic loop) read all the chart rows right to left.

You can also use 2 circular needles or a single smaller circular to knit in the round if you find magic loop not to your liking.