I discovered the LYS! Woohoo!

Okay, so I’ve been putting off finding the LYS because I knew I’d spend too much money. I had to go pick up the husband for lunch (doofus forgot his and left the car at the shop with his key to his stand-by lunch food). I had heard about one not too far from him so I went there. The lady was SUPER friendly. She played with the kids and helped me pick out yarn for my booga. She was showing me all sorts of things to do with it too. I could’ve stayed there all day chatting and petting her yarn. She also has Addis…I restrained myself. (I knew if I bought one set, I’d be back to buy one of each size and I really can’t afford that!)

So. Last week I got a call from my son’s new preschool teacher. Apparently she runs a shop that’s next to a LYS. So I went there. It’s only about 10 minutes from my house so it’s much closer. (The one by my husband is more like 20 minutes from home!) But, they were not friendly. They have all these bags finished around the shop with a tag stating the name of the bag. I liked a couple of them, but had no idea where to find the pattern or how much yarn to buy for it. I got no help whatsoever so I didn’t buy anything. If one person had bothered to talk to me rather than just give me dirty looks because I have kids I may have spent some money! (They have the old fashion wooden floors that make a ton of noise. The kids, 3 & 1, had a blast stomping their feet and running around making noise.) Needless to say, next time I’m in the mood for more yarn, I’m heading down to the other store, even if it does cost me more money and more gas! (There’s a cookie store right around the corner too!)

So, here’s my yarn. It’s Cascade 220 and I think the coordinating one is called Bobbles or something. She had one that was made with this carried along in part of it and it was really cool.


Oh I loooooooooooooooove purple! :heart: :heart: :muah:

Customer service makes a huge difference, doesn’t it? Glad you found a place you like. Pretty yarn, too!

Customer service and a smile make all the difference doesn’t it. I called a LYS in Joliet not too long ago to see if they had something in stock I was looking for. My kids were playing nicely while I was on the phone. Not being too loud…just playing. Well the woman had what I was looking for. So when I said I would be in later to pick it up, she not so polietly asked me to leave the kids at home :grrr: Needles to say I told her to keep my purchase. That I would NEVER spend my money at her store! :!!!:

There are two Fabulous LYS near my house that we frequent. And while I prefer to shop without my children (and they are well behaved in stores), the shop owners make them feel very welcome in their stores when I have to bring them.

Oh dear, 20 whole minutes away? however will you manage? :teehee:

Sorry for giggling at you, but I live in the country and EVERYTHING is at least 30 minutes away. 20 minutes actually seems like a lot closer to me.

I have two LYSs near me, one to the north and one to the south. The one to the north is smaller, I’ve never bought anything there but the woman is super nice and I love hanging out with her and showing her the stuff I’m knitting and helping her with her website.

The one to the south is on my route to/from work, but the one time I went in there to buy a specific skein of yarn and see how I liked it, the lady was NOT very friendly and ignored me the whole time. She seemed really put upon that I walked in half an hour before closing time.

Also near me is WEBS, and I walked in there on my birthday to buy some new needles and it was 15 minutes before closing and they were STILL super nice. The girl even remembered me and asked my husband if he was with me, it was cute.

I’m planning on going to the north LYS and buying the sock yarn for Sock Wars soon (yeah, it’s coming) just because I feel so bad about going in there all the time when I don’t have a yarn budget! :doh:

I just can’t believe people operate businesses and don’t want children in them. I’ve had the same experience with a bakery supply store here too. I’ve heard they are like that with other kids so it’s not just mine. I don’t think my kids are bad, but kids will be kids. They were “petting” a display wooden dog and the lady about had a fit. Geesh! It’s not like they were going to hurt it! There is another store in the back and the lady had her dog there. They stood by watching it until I asked if they could pet it. She got all snotty with me. I’m sorry, if you don’t want people petting your dog, leave it at home! Argh.

Yeah, most things are not close to me, but if I can go somewhere close, it’d be easier to run in and grab something (or leave the kids at home.) The lady at the other store liked my kids and I have to bring them, so we’ll be frequenting her store! She seemed to enjoy herself and her business too.

The other store had a bunch of cross stitch stuff too so I wonder if it isn’t 2 businesses in one and she was the cross-stitch lady and someone else does the yarn part. You’d think if you co-owned a store, you’d know and help the other part too though.


Our LYS loves to see my son and I come through the door. She has a rechargeable vacuum in the corner that she lets :teehee: him use, while I shop.

He loves to see stuff get sucked up. I have very clean floors :roflhard:

I know exactly what you mean. I have a lys near me and I didn’t mind it but bringing my kids there was a problem (6&4). I was made to feel very uncomfortable with them looking at the yarn. I now drive twenty minutes to get to another one I really like. It was very kid friendly (hec they set up a bowling ball game in a corner for my kids to play with while I shopped. I also got great advice about the booga bag I want to do too. The service is what really makes me want to go back (although they also had fantastic yarn and the clog pattern you all have been ravign about) :cheering:

I love the yarns you picked,very pretty…I would drive the 20 minutes in a heartbeat for good service.The other store wont be in buisness long with bad customer service…YOU the CUSTOMER are the reason they are there to begin with, but some just dont get it…Enjoy your yarn,Sissy :happydance:

(doofus forgot his and left the car at the shop with his key to his stand-by lunch food).


I can relate to this…too funny,


i wish the lady at my LYS was nicer. I’m 15, and I went to visit the store with my best friend. The whole time, the lady was glaring at us like we were going to contaminate her store. when my friends mom picked her up, I was left alone with her and it was very awkward. She asked me how long it would be until my parents would pick me up!

I know a lot of teenagers are rowdy and loud, but me and my friend werent being obnoxious or anything :verysad: i guess she just doesnt like teenagers, its too bad they have such great yarn. i make my visits very short because i cant stand her watching me like a hawk but not saying a word to me. ugh!

Awww, that does suck…but try not to take it personally. Maybe there’s alot of theft in the store & thats why they watch like they do. I know that for small business things like that can destroy a good thing like a little yarn shop. How about you talking to her first & letting her know that you are genuine about knitting, then maybe she’ll lighten up when she sees you again.

Rhy :heart: :heart: :heart: