I did it!

I finished my first hat, and first project on circulars and DPN’s and it turned out PERFECT!! I will take a picture and post it, I am very proud of myself!! Plus my daughter loves it. Thanks for all the help. Now I am going to try to tackle the marsupial tote from the S’n B book. Wish me luck!!


:happydance: YAY!!

Doesn’t it feel great?! I’m on the way to get Stitch n’ Bitch right now actually. Can’t wait!

:cheering: rock on!!

WAY TO GO :thumbsup:

WHOOHOOOooo!! :notworthy:

Yeah!! It’s a great feeling to finish something! =)

Good for you Jean!! :thumbsup: I am working on the marsupial tote from the SNB book too. I will be looking forward to hearing how yours turns out. So far so good with mine. I have a few minor errors that I can see, but hopefully after felting, it will be perfect. :smiley:


KEWLNESS :!: :!: :!:

Can’t wait to see the pic(s).

Congratulations! It’s great that your daughter loves it, too!