I did it!

Hi Everyone!! I am so excited! :woot:

I am a new knitter and I just finished my first project that wasn’t a simple scarf or dishrag. I really wanted to make a Christmas Stocking for my mom - all of the kids in our family have ones that my Grandma made and then my mom made them for our spouses and kids. She is the only one who doesn’t have one! Making the stocking was one of the main reasons why I wanted to learn how to knit. It just took me several years to really get into it.

The pattern was an old Mary Maxim one and it looked REALLY complicated to my newbie eyes, but Mom was right - when you start following a pattern, it is just like putting together a puzzle! There were a few places that I had to rip out and do over, and you can kind of tell because they looked slightly different. But, I am really proud of how it came out! Here are pictures! Thanks for listening! I know I rambled on and on. Oh and I wasn’t sure about how to do all the color changes, there were a few points that I had like 4 or 5 balls of yarn attached and then I started twisting the color I was knitting with around all the other strands and making them follow along - I don’t know if that is right or not, but it worked for me and I think the back looks good!


Fabulous job. :yay: :thumbsup: :yay: The stocking looks very well made. You are one thoughtful, excellent daughter, I’m sure your mom will truly love it.

Hi, Amanda! :woohoo:

This is BEAUTIFUL!!! And I know it’ll be treasured for many years to come. You just knitted your mom an HEIRLOOM! :woot:

Congratulations! And keep those needles flying, girl friend! :thumbsup:

Ruthie :knitting:

Thanks!!! I am so excited I don’t know how I am going to wait until Christmas morning! The plan is to fill it and leave it from Santa. I think she is going to be REALLY surprised!! She knows I have been knitting, and that I HAVE the pattern, but even if she has guessed that I would try it, I think she will be happy and excited at how well it came out! I know that I am thrilled!!

Very nice!!

Very eye catching, doesn’t look like the work of new knitter. A crafter/knittter really appreciates the work and love that goes into a project, since your Mom has made Stockings for others, she will really treasure the one you made for her.

Congratulations!! (It looks complicated to me…) You should be so proud - and your Mom will be too. She will treasure her stocking.

Wonderful knitting!

great job!

That is wonderful! You did a great job and I know your mom will love it.

What a great job. I’m sure your mother will be very proud to display it.

Looks terrific, your mom is going to love it! :slight_smile:

:knitting: that looks amazing
i wish i could do that

Wow! FIRST project?!!! I’m amazed!

That is adorable!! Kudo’s to you! Feel free to post any lessons learned…

:yay: That is amazing for a new knitter! Good for you! It’s beautiful!

great job:cheering: i would have never done that for my first project

I’m a new knitter myself! Great Job!:yay: It looks great and i am sure she will love it. Keep on knitting! I look forward to seeing some more great work from you!:thumbsup:

I’m amazed too for a first project. Good job though! It always feels good to finish a project :knitting: :yay:

Thanks Everyone!!

I am still coasting on the high of finishing it, and I have already started a list of the things I want to try and make! But, I promised my husband that I would finish the Christmas cards before I start anything new!

I am not sure what lessons I could say I learned from the stocking, I had to go rip out like 3 times because I had issues. The hardest thing was how to do all the color changes. Since I only needed like one stitch at a time, I wasn’t sure how to do it, at first I just pulled it over to where I needed to use it again, but then the back was just a mess of strings, and I didn’t like it, so I took it out and had different balls of yarn attached in the different places, which worked but made it pretty confusing. Especially when I needed to put it down for a while and do something else. So, by the time I got to the mouth part, I think I had 3 colors on there and I started twisting them together. So, the color I was using to knit, I would twist around the other colors to keep them together and bring them along to where I was going to need them again. I don’t know if that was an acceptable method or not, but it worked for me and you can’t see any difference on the front. And, that method made to easier to end with a color - I just carried it a couple of inches further than I needed it and cut it, it was already secured and I didn’t have to sew it in at the end.


:chair: First project…a sock!!! Awesome! I’ve been:knitting: for about 3 years, and yet to get socks right…VERY BEAUTIFUL JOB ESPECIALLY WITH A COUPLE OF COLORS MIXED IN…CONGRATS:clink: