I did it!

I knitted my first cables.

I have been terrified of them. They sound so scary.

But last night, I decided to just do it, so I swatched a little piece and just did a few different ones. And they are pretty and I like them.

I am so proud. Now, on to dpns!

Yay! Congratulations :slight_smile:

Well done! :cheering:

Good for you! :woohoo:

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. I’m so glad you overcame yours in order to try something different. Good luck with the dpn’s.

:cheering: :cheering:

Way to go girl!! I did my first cables this week and casted on for my first socks with dpns…you can do it!!! We can conquer our fears together.

Good job! my first reaction was “wait, you want me to do WHAT with the stitches?” It was so amazing to see the knotted pattern form.

Congrats!!!:cheering: I was scared to do any kind of sweater type clothing, but if you take things step by step they’re not so scary.

Way to go! Cables are great, aren’t they?

Good for you! Now, the really scary thing is doing them without a cable needle! :slight_smile:

:woohoo: Good for you, Misty!! :yay:

I was petrified the first time I tried cables but I sure love to work them now. My next “fear factor” is socks…which will require a few martinis to help me settle down. :woot:

I did my first cables a few weeks ago and now I am doing my first sock on DPN’s…I think I am getting the hang of it, but it is a little frustrating at first!

Great!! They are fun, aren’t they?!

Cables are the reason I learned to knit!! LOVE"M!!!

I wanna learn cables, sigh…

Good for you!

Cables are not that difficult. Most of a cable pattern is some sort of ribbing (k4, p2 or something) and on the crossover row you’re just knitting the stitches in a different order. What gets to people I guess, is taking the stitches off the left needle, but you won’t lose one really.

Glad you are willing to try each technique one at a time,
each has WONDERFUL things to teach you, the first of which is that you really do have nothing to fear bur fear itself
that is one thing I love about this craft


Whoo-hoo! Congrats! It’s always exciting to see that you CAN do what you thought was hard and scary.

Cables are fun. I like them because they look hard and they’re impressive–but easy and fun to do. :slight_smile: