I did it! I made a hat that fits!

I didn’t use a pattern, just many hints that I read online. I still have a little trouble with the decreases but it looks ok! I used Bernat Camo and size 7 needles.

and I added a kitty picture just because!

It looks fabulous! I’ve used that yarn a few times and it came out different both times. Very cool!

Cute kitty!

I love it!!
The color is beautiful and the stitches are so even. The kitty is gorgeous too.

The hat looks great!

Very nice! both the hat and kitty that is :stuck_out_tongue:

Hat looks like a perfect fit. Cute kitty.

the hat looks fab!!:slight_smile:

Very nice, very masculine-looking hat! And you designed it yourself! That’s great!

Thanks everyone so much! I am very proud of myself! I appreciate all the kind words.

and so does my kitty!

The hat is awesome, I like how the camo yarn came out. Your cat is so adorable, its like he/she is smiling for the camera!

ooooo, I really like that hat, the colors are awesome! Your kitty is adorable too, what’s his/her name?

well even though he really is a sweety, his name is Demon. All the cats have supernatural names, Ghost, Wraith, Spector, (hence my name here), and Poltergeist. I don’t know why we started on this theme. I like the way he crosses his little feet.

Great hat and I LUV the cat,LOL!