I did it! I did it! Yay! (Knitty's Kureyon tea cozy)

I just finished my Knitty Kureyon tea cozy, and I’m so proud! :cheering: After having some problem with the pattern (because I wasn’t reading it correctly) and frogging it, it’s done! I may have to redo the i-cord because the pattern called for wool yarn and I used 100% which has less “give” than the wool, but that’s no biggie. I can’t wait to use it and proudly display it on my table! I can’t believe what a great fit it is…I was so afraid I’d screw it up so badly that it wouldn’t fit.

I used Lily’s “Sugar 'N Cream” 100% cotton yarn in the color “jewel” ombre. Total yarn cost was only $2.00 (not quite two balls of yarn)!!! :woohoo:

So here are pictures of the finished product as well as a detail of the yarn color.

Very nice! I :heart: the colors!

Beautiful colours & what a bargain! Really nice :cheering:

Cute cute cute!

I think it looks great!

I have been looking for a perfect tea cozy pattern, off and on. Of course I had seen the knitty version but didn’t really like it, and who wants a hand wash only tea cozy??? But yours looks way better than the Knitty picture. Why didn’t I think to actually substitute yarn??? I will have put this on my things to make list.

:cheering: I love what you did with this pattern. Beautiful and much more practical than the knitty version. You should definately be beaming with pride!

So pretty - I love the colors!

Gorgeous! :cheering:

that’s really pretty!

It looks great!!! I might just have to make one for myself…although I need to get myself a tea pot first :teehee:

I wanted to make this too. You have inspired me to go out and find some beeeyooteeful and much cheaper cotton yarn. Yours is fabulous! :notworthy:

Me too, to make teat at home
but consider getting the clear glass teapot so you can get THESE

I have become obsessed with getting these for my home
they taste wonderful
and are SO beautiful


I love it!!! Too bad I only make tea one cup at a time. Maybe that will have to change. The idea of using cotton was brilliant! :cheering: :cheering:

I :heart: the cozy! And it’s good to know you can use inexpensive yarn and still can get very beautiful results! You did a great job! :cheering:

Pretty!! I love it!! Cozy!!!

Beautiful! :cheering:
I like to keep lots of the sugar n cream yarn on hand, for kitchen products. Quite often, they put in on sale for 99 cents a skein at Hobby Lobby, and I stock up. I plan to eventually have only hand knit dishcloths, pot holders, hot pads, etc. If I had a teapot, I’d add that cozy to my list. :rofl:

Thanks for all of the kind compliments, everybody! :aww: It’s just that I’m a cheapskate, and I’m also a scaredy cat–I figured that I would probably screw up the pattern, but why would I care as much if I only used $1.00 yarn, right? :teehee: :oops: I picked out the cheeriest, prettiest cotton yarn I could because my teapot is kind of drabby. I imagine the Kureyon wool was probably a lot more insulating and would keep the teapot warmer longer, but it’s not washable, and I’m not exactly a perfect lady when it comes to spills! :teehee: :oops: Once I got the hang of the pattern, it wasn’t bad. There were a lot of new techniques for me there, so it was a little bit frustrating at first (something beyond my typical garter-stitch triangle and rectangle shawls :teehee: ) I may even make one for my sister now that I know how to do it nicely. And she’ll think I spent a fortune on yarn! :twisted:

:inlove: gorgeous! congratulations! :heart: