I did it i did it i did it!

I ordered my Knit Picks Options! woo hoo!!

Now for the “5-14 days” of agonizing anticipation.

How do I put a link in here? Some folks do it real nifty and say “I’m going to make [color=red][/color]this[color=red][/color]” and boom you’re there.

I’m going to make a poncho, and I’m already making my gauge swatch and want to change the pattern, but if someone tells me how, I’ll include a link to what the pattern originally looked like.

How long did it take you to get your KP Options? Of course, I didn’t spring for 2 or 3 day shipping, and now I’m kicking myself! lol

To link something you can just type in the web address. To make a link that you link that you click on the word you do this without space between the = and the address.
what you want to say

Hope that helps!

[size=2]edited a million time s for my clumsy typing today and for fixing my mistakes ![/size]

no forward slash after that first bracket either! :wink:

i gotta say though i think my way is super easy…lol. (yeah adding super in front of everything is one of those things that annoys me too and yet i do it anyway!! :rofling: )

i type whatever it is that i want to say and then highlight the word i want to hyperlink. then i click on the URL button and it puts all the brackets in for me. After that i put an = between the first URL letters and the bracket ( [url= ]) and then paste my link in right after.

sounds like a lot of steps but is a lot quicker than when i use to type it all in! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the URL info. Let’s see if I got it to work!

I’m going to make this, but I’m going to change the cable. In my test swatch, I’m not happy with the cable front, it gets a dimple in it and doesn’t look as thick and yummy as the picture. I’m going to get a cable book I’ve looked at in the library and insert my own cable. I’m thinking of a vine with leaves.

I’m using a 50/50 alpaca/wool yarn. Can’t remember the name right now. I think the KP Options will be WONderful for the natural fibers. This is my first 100% natural fiber piece, and I don’t like the way it feels on the Inox that I’m using for the gauge piece.

13 1/2 days till delivery…

You should get your order on the short side of 5-14 as they ship from Ohio. That is assmuing it is not backordered.

I received mine a few days ago…the order took 11 days from the day it was shipped.

Oh, SWEET!!! :smiley: It said all was in stock except the size 15 and 17 points, so I set those aside and only ordered the in stock items.

Wait, they SHIP from Ohio?!?!?!?!?

Thinking Mapquest and a few cups of coffee could get me my needles REEEAAL fast like! tee hee