I Did It! And Actually Fixed It Too!

Last night I was sitting in a small truck stop bar having a couple of beers and knitting on my scarf. I became distracted by conversations and managed to botch a couple of rows.

A few minutes ago I frogged the rows back to where it was good, and actually managed to get all of the stitches back onto my needle. This is the first time I’ve been able to pick up a row back onto the needle. I used a small DPN to pick them up one at a time as I frogged the row, and then slipped them back onto my working needle.

After making it this far along on the scarf there was NO WAY I was going to frog the whole thing so I was determined to get it back on the needle no matter what.

I’m now caught back up to where I made the mistakes. I’m pretty happy that I managed another skill.

Wow, congratultaions. I wouldn’t want ro rip it all out, either.

Woo hoo! I think that’s the most valuable skill I ever learned in knitting-- :teehee: I use it all the time!

You are better then me Mason. I always miss a stitch or two when I frog something back especially if its when Im cabling.

Do you ever get funny looks from other truckers when your in a bar, drinking a beer and knitting? Ever have anyone say anything to you?
I have yet to meet a man knitting in public, so Im curious. I would be so happy if I ever came across a knitting man :cheering: I might even take his picture :teehee:

Feels good doesn’t it?! I remember the first time (not too long ago) that I learned how to frog back so I didn’t have to start over.
I also bought a really good book to solve mess ups, it’s called Knit Fix and I’ve used it numerous times. I used to panic now I just think it through and it usually comes out ok. Congrats on achieving yet another skill! :cheering:

Thanks. I would have not been a happy camper to have to frog the whole thing at this point.

Yeah, I’m sure I’ll need it often :rofl:

Congratulations!!! That is a great feeling!

:cheering: Yea! That’s soo much better than starting over, which I did so many times on my first project until I finally figured out how to put the stitches back on the needels.

Actually I did miss a stitch the first time I tried, but I went back one more row and slipped the needle into each stitch as I frogged it. That made it much easier to do without dropping or missing any.

Do you ever get funny looks from other truckers when your in a bar, drinking a beer and knitting? Ever have anyone say anything to you?
I have yet to meet a man knitting in public, so Im curious. I would be so happy if I ever came across a knitting man :cheering: I might even take his picture :teehee:

Sure, I get an odd look once in a while and sometimes someone will ask about it. Women don’t hesitate to talk to me about it but since I’m a fairly big guy the guys either don’t say anything at all or are pretty polite about it.

Besides, we see our fellow truckers doing all sorts of things out here from reading to web surfing to all sorts of hobbies. I recall seeing an older driver sitting at a table coloring in a coloring book once. I didn’t ask. :rofl:

Thanks, yeah it does. I’ll have to look for that book.

Congrats, Mason!!!

Since your other blog is “boring” (I think it’s fun!), why not start a blog here at KH, where you can keep track of all your ups and downs in the same place???

Also, check out Amy’s video on putting your needle into a destination row before frogging (here ), and that might make frogging easier.

Finally, the Knitting Answer Book and The Knitter’s Companion both have great sections on how to fix booboos… the companion book especially has GREAT illustrations.

Aw I kinda like catching up on the trials and tribulations here in GK…the blog threads get so bogged down and so overwhelming to me that I rarely venture in there.

But I’ll probably lurk and follow you wherever you go Mason, cheers!
And congrats on learning how to frog, that was a pretty major epiphany for me too. :teehee:

Mason… so glad you accomplished frogging… believe me… that is one you’ll use all your knitting life…

You are doing awesome… I can’t wait to see your next project!


Excellent! That’s a great skill to learn!

I just had to frog 9 rows of the sweater I’m making and got them all back on okay. It’s always a scary thing, but it does get easier. :teehee:

Geez, thanks everyone.

My boring blog is just my every day nonsense. It really is hardly worth reading. I don’t think I could possibly keep up with two of them though.

I had watched Amy’s videos regarding frogging and all that and had tried to do the inserting the needle prior thing but I just can’t tell exactly where the needle needs to go. Hopefully I will eventually get that good, but at least for now I’ll have to do the follow the thread thing. At least it worked.

Great job! Congratulations… lord knows I’ve ripped a bunch out. I haven’t tried the putting a needle in the destination row… yet. But one thing I do is when I pull the stitches out I reinsert a much smaller (usually metal) needle then feed them back on to my working needles. The smaller, smoother needles slide back in easier without risking pulling out the other stitches. :slight_smile:

I think I’d have to take a picture too of a man knitting and drinking beer LOL tho some of my projects have made me think I’ll start drinking because of them :wall: I did have a 12 year old boy sign up for knitting classes today… so there’s always hope I suppose for the rest of mankind :stuck_out_tongue: :eyebrow:

I agree with DonnaS…and I have been picking up ‘the row after frogging’ thusly: I frog the work gently…and then use an Addi or OPTIONS needle that is 4 sizes smaller…and pick 'em up…like a hot knife thru butter!!! The stitches just glide back on the needle! The smaller needle does not impact the guage. FYI: just don’t forget to use the original size needle when you take off knitting! :pout: Which I have forgotten to do from time to time. :pout:

:cheering: yay! isn’t it a great feeling knowing you can fix stuff without ripping all the way back? congratulations! :cheering:

I really like your blog. I especially got a giggle out of the “WT (expletive deleted) is your problem?” entry. :teehee:

It’s always great to learn a new skill. I always keep a crochet needle handy for correcting stitches and picking up dropped stitches. I remember the 1st time I corrected some stitches with a crochet needle instead of frogging I couldn’t believe it worked. I was so proud of myself. Congratulations and enjoy the feeling. :yay:

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx