I Despise Spammers

Yep, there’s a cell phone spammer on KH. I hope the moderators kill him/her quick. Despicable sort of people.

Yep, they caught it quickly. Another thing I find annoying is people I know (friends included) asking to go to another site and rate a picture, or click on an add so they can win something. Perhaps this is just a personal gripe, but it bugs me.

Done. :biting:

Our heroine! :cheering::cheering:

:teehee: Nah, I just get a little thrill out of banning evil spammers. I despise them too.

If only I knew how to send a virus that would melt their computers into a pool of goo. But alas, I am no hacker. I just settle for the ban user function. :inlove:

I could send ya one of my own but I don’t wanna get ya into trouble. :mrgreen:

A CELL PHONE spammer on here? How did that happen?

Scum can slip in anywhere.

Whenever you guys see a post you know or think is spam, click on it and under the name there’s a Report button that sends a notice to all the mods. This one was taken care of by the time I got home from work, but someday I’ll be the one to zap a spammer.

Ok, admit it, your trigger finger is itchy right about now. :rofl:


i kinda want to report this whole thread as spam. :hiding:

Argh, with the time differences I miss all the fun :teehee:



I’m on the west coast. I could pretend to be a spammer and you zap me :teehee:

I’m lost on what really happened, but I’m glad to know that when evil was lurking in our dear KH land, our diligent and trusty Mods took it down!

Thanks guys!!!

I wish someone could do that on myspace. My dh set up a myspace account for our youth group and last night some jerk off put a bunch of pornographic (not even kidding!:hair: ) pictures on it. This is a page that PARENTS and JR HIGH KIDS look at to find out about upcoming events and to see pictures of them at events. And some idiot put a bunch of pics of women taking their clothes off on there.

It makes ME want to melt their computers with some kind of horrible virus.

Why are people so very, very stupid?