I definately have someone to knit for (aka: i really love my son!)

My 7 year old had his eye doctor’s appointment this afternoon (shocker, his eyes are worse in general although the weakness in his right eye is improving) and he wore the weasley sweater that I’d knit for him.

Anyway, the girl that measures the glasses for a correct fit and such (i made them order him new frames after the nightmare before with using frames they had there on the display rack!) she complimented him on his sweater and asked if someone made it for him:
CJ (my 7 year old): “yeah, my Mom”

Girl behind counter: “She did a nice job, I wish i had someone to knit for me. People stop knitting for you when you’re an adult, just wait and see”

CJ: “No she won’t, I’m learning how to knit too”

Girl: “you’ll see”

Me: “No, he won’t, I’ll always knit for him no matter how big he gets.”

I really love my son :slight_smile:

Yay! :heart: I’ll always knit for my nephew. =)

:slight_smile: good boy! You need to knit her something little and tell her “see…” Just have to have the right person in your life to knit for you when you’re an adult!

when i have kids, and if i still knit, ill knit for the no matter how old they get! :yay: