I Crocheted!

:woot: I’m so excited. If you check out my blog (the Let’s go Mountaineers) you will see that I have tried to figure out crochet for awhile now, but just couldn’t get it. I had a sock pattern that needed crocheted flowers up the side so decided to give it another go…after I finished those I decided to make a bookmark that I always loved…here it is…I’m going to send it to mom next week so she can kinda tell if (where) I’m making mistakes before I do another one…

I have always wanted to crochet thisshawl and now I have found thisshawl, they look similar so not sure which I’ll do :yay:

Pattern: Fan Bookmark
Crochet hook: 1.25mm
I made it from some red Aunt Lyda’s that mom had gave me a long time ago…
Started 3/28/08
Finished 3/29/08
Thank you to Julie for your help and encouragement :yay:

Well done. That looks really nice. I really like the second shawl but it could just be the colour that makes this stand out since they do look a lot a like.

Lovely job! I am sure you Mom will be pleased that she got the second crochet project you have ever worked on. How I wish I could knit some socks for my Mom! Oh never mind, enjoy your crocheting!

That’s so pretty. It inspires me to try my hand at crochet :slight_smile:

How pretty! Nice work on it!

I prefer the look and drape of knitting, but I think crochet as an added border or flowers is beautiful. I just checked out Knitting Loves Crochet from my library as a matter of fact. :teehee:

That turned out really great!

That looks lovely . I really like the colour . Well done !!

That’s so pretty! Great job!

Thanks everyone!!

Jan thank you for the link to the book :happydance:

:yay: Good job!!!

That’s a very cute bookmark!

I looked at both shawls, they look fairly easy, if you have some experience with following directions, which you do. There is nothing in crocheting that is all that difficult, just a bit tedious at times, same as when you have row after row of stockinette or garter to do in knitting.

You can make that shawl without any problems, I promise!

Thank you!! :hug:

I think I’m going with the pink after I finish up some things first…I’ll be back with lots of questions when I start it :rofl:

It turned out great and is so lovely, Dustinac!! I can’t wait to see your shawl.

The bookmark is so pretty! I want to learn to crochet and I came across that pattern on Ravelry. I hope mine turns out like yours did! And those shawls are beautiful, too, especially that last one. Thanks for sharing!

You did get it! Nice job. Crocheting is pretty different than knitting, but not that hard once you get the concept.

:cheering: :woot: