I could use some help!

I picked up the stitches under the arm on this sweater. I’m not happy with the way it looks. Could someone tell me if this is the way it is suppose to look?:hair:

Hmm, I’m not sure. But I had to pick up stitches above the knuckle on my pair of Broad Street Mittens, and it looked the same way. It kind of looks like a twisted stitch because I inserted the needle into the left side of each stitch (the non-live stitches) to knit. I don’t really know any other way to do it, so sorry that I can’t offer much advice. I think it still looks fine, especially if it’s under the arm. :shrug:

Well, I’m not positive, but I think you may have twisted the stitches. It’s hard sometimes to pick them up w/o twisting them, but then to correct that you knit into the back of the stitch.

Amy has a video on twisted stitches under “fixing mistakes” at this link. The only way to correct that many of them at this point is to frog back to the p/u point.

Thanks, the video did help a lot. I have froged it back. I will start over tomorrow.