I could really use some input on knitting Cables

This is a hooded reversible cable scarf I came up with (no pattern)

Problem is I didn’t know how to join the two cables from the scarf and the hood. Does anyone know what I should have done as I want to make another one ? I know there has to be a way to slowly adjust the cable on the scarf to move it into position to start the hood cable but I am clueless . I’m hoping someone knows . I watch http://www.knittingdaily.com/media/p/29693.aspx but I’m trying to move a cable from center to outer edge . Maybe there is no way to do what I want :shrug:

I posted some other photos here , that showed what I did wrong

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Beautiful looking scarf and hood. I think you’re found a great video for moving the cable too.
One solution might be to change the placement of the cable from the start. Shift it a few sts to the right on the scarf and a few sts left on the hood (as shown in your photo).
If you don’t want to change the entire placement, what about moving both cables on the last say 12 rows of the scarf to shift it so that the two will meet up? You would then start the cable on the hood slightly more to the left and gradually move it closer to the edge.
You could use the inc and dec that Eunny shows in your video to make the moves but do them right next to the cable.