I could cry

I’ve been dying for a knitting machine… i’ve been looking them up online, checking out you tube videos for nearly 2 years dying for a knitting machine…

So I finally order one last night… it has the extender, the intarsia plate, etc… thinking how great it’ll be that i can go and whip things off quick when i feel like it and how i’ll NEVER HAVE TO DO STOCKINETTE STITCH AGAIN (I HATE doing stockingette stitch, esp on sweaters or blankets!!!) So i punch in my code for my 40% off (even with shipping saving myself over 60 bucks)…

and then my dh opens his mouth. “So, how long will it take you to make sweaters on it?” um……

“you know, now that you’ve got this coming you can go and whip gifts off quick…. so now if we ever need a last minute gift for someone….” um……

Now i don’t even have the desire to work on anything. at all. period. end of discussion…

and i’m considering returning all of my unopened knitting purchases I’ve made over the last 3 weeks…. which includes quite a bit of sock yarn (it’s all from Joann’s or Micheals).

I could cry.

Could you seize the opportunity to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the machine, what you can and can’t do? Look at the positive, he is enthusiastic but just doesn’t understand.

I’m sorry you are all discouraged now. Overall it must be quicker. As for your husband, when you get the knitting machine, put him in the box and send it back.:wink:
Have fun with your machine and I hope you decide to keep it. Hubby will see that knitting, no matter how it’s done, takes time!

Speaking of saving, and not sure where you ordered it, but sign up for ebates at ebates.com When you shop through them, they give you a kickback by the percentage you spent. They then cut a check to you every 3 months. I have bought plenty of yarn with those checks.:teehee:

I called and cancelled the order but she said it may have already been shipped out without the system having been updated…

what’s your e-mail on ebates so I can put you in the referral e-mail? I use mypoints, i get so many points per dollar when i shop through them that can be put towards gift certs (for me though, it takes a very long time for those points to accumulate, esp since they keep raising the number of points required for gift certs).

I am sorry that you are upset by what your dh said. It takes the fun out of doing stuff when it becomes expected or devalued.

Maybe you should try to turn it around and look at it like this:

DH said how long will it take and can you make things fast for last minute, right?

So, I would interpret that as: You need to go and buy MORE yarn so that you always have enough yarn in your stash to make whatever you need “last minute.” He is giving you permission to increase the stash so you are prepared! :slight_smile:

And, if he says - he we are going to need a gift for so and so, then that means he is giving you the go ahead to work on the projects right and other things like, cleaning, cooking, and other things we are expected to squeeze in around our knitting time can slide.

I think it is a comliment that he thinks the things you make are nice gifts!!

Good luck. I am sorry you are discouraged!

I guess I don’t understand why you cancelled our order if it is something you have wanted for so long. :whoosh:

Sometimes husbands say the stupidest things. Have a talk with him about the machine and tell him that you won’t be able to whip out sweaters even though you have a machine, etc. Then, if the discussion goes south, do what Tokmom says and ship [I]him[/I] back in the box. But honestly though, he’s probably totally clueless about the machine. That’s why I think you should talk to him about it and not send it back in a fit of anger. I have learned, [I]the hard way I might add[/I], not to do anything no matter what it is when you’re upset or angry.

Hope it works out for you,


I think you may have taken what your husband said the wrong way. We all can say things that we mean to be supportive that are misunderstood. Has he objected to your knitting in the past? Does he resent what you have spent on supplies and tools?
If my husband said it I would assume it was a clumsy way of a joking support of the purchase. My husband is amazed at the amount of pieces I get done and wonders what I’m going to do with all the clothing I’ve made.
I would talk it over with hubby and try and work it out so there is no lingering resentment on either side.

Maybe I’m missing something here but I don’t understand what made you so upset? If my DH said that to me, I would have taken it as he’s excited for me to get a machine that will allow me to make things faster and because of that, I would be able to make more gifts to give to people.

I don’t understand why you’re upset either because it does seem like a good way to make quicker gifts and sweaters. :shrug:

At any rate… forgive him… he’s a man and they often don’t have a filter so things come out sounding different than what they mean.

I don’t get it either. I thought it seemed like he was complimenting the work she does and that now it’ll just go faster?

he has a nasty habit of “volunteering” me for things (sweater sets for co-workers and bosses having babies, raffles and fundraisers at work, thinks i should have no issue knitting whatever whenever whether or not the recipient is knitworthy) and of the mentality of i can always “make another”.

Yes, he complains about what i spend on materials, but he also turns right around and smokes a pack a day or buys video games. He’ll then turn around and say he has no issue with what i spend on materials.

he doesn’t like it when i sit and knit in the car, while watching tv, while we’re watching movies (i loathe superhero movies with a passion, yet that, and the “gore for the sake of gore” are all he likes to watch). he thinks that when i’m sitting and knitting, i’m not paying attention to what’s going on around me (definately not the case as I can carry on conversations and follow the lack of plot in the movies).

It’s just one more thing.

Well obviously there is more going on that we got from your first post. I hope you can work it out and enjoy knitting again. :hug:

I think the machine was purchased to do fun things with at her leisure. All of a sudden, it’s not fun if she thinks her husband is expecting her to crank out sweaters. It morphs from a knitting machine to a pressure cooker. It’s probably a big mis-understanding. I hope it gets ironed out! Sometimes it’s easy to mis-interpret what someone says. I’m actually totally clueless myself about knitting machines and would probably in all honesty make the same comment, not realizing that I may be putting my spouse under pressure. It’s just my take on it~



I’m so sorry that your husband has a rather insensitive view of your work, however, I wouldn’t let that stop me from getting something I really wanted. Get it for you, not for him. If he volunteers you for things, just tell him you have other obligations to meet (even if it’s something for yourself) and, maybe, if you have time, you might get around to it. I understand your frustration, but if it’s something you truly want and will make you happy, you should go ahead and get it.

My hubby doesn’t (and never has) liked my septum piercing, but, love him as I do, I won’t take it out for him…lol…I’ve had it since I was 18 years old and he met me and fell in love with me knowing I had it so he has to just deal with it until (or if ever) I decide to take it out…He also doesn’t really like it when I dye my hair all sorts of colors (like red, blue, purple, etc…lol) but too damn bad. I like it and it makes me happy.

I give so much of myself to the people I love, often (too often) neglecting myself in the process and if dying my hair green is something I wanna do then I’m gonna do it, end of story. There are just some things I will not sacrifice for anyone. If I can’t do those little things that make me happy, I’m not being true to myself.

I hope this all gets worked out for you and please, for yourself, get that machine you want so badly. Maybe once he sees you can’t just “whip out” sweaters last minute he won’t say another word about it. And, if he does, give him a sarcastic response… Find something he does or enjoys that takes time and hard work and tell him how easy it looks and he should be done in no time :teehee:

Oh boy, men are so complicated aren’t they? Or maybe they aren’t complicated enough…

I hope that you can come to some understanding with him about this issue. I would hate to see you have to give up something (and am I right that you do this a lot??? Been there done that…) that you want so much and that would give you so much pleasure because of his insensitivity…

I’m secretly hoping it was too late to stop the shipping and that when you get it, you’ll see that you need to keep it. Hang in there… :hug:

oh boy, your hubby and mine could be buds. :roll: I make mine watch another tv. Who can stand all that blood and screaming day in and day out? Besides, I don’t want my son subjected to that. It’s not the norm to watch that all the time.

he doesn’t get to watch a lot of television and he’s hardly ever awake when he’s home (full time job plus school full time). He’s just being a PITA because he can.

I don’t understand the problem. Who cares what a mere husband says?

It sounds like this goes beyond his just saying that about being able to whip out gifts. You need to talk to him about volunteering you for things and that you might be willing to do something like this, but you need to be asked FIRST.

I’d also tell him that if he wants to watch these movies you don’t like for entertainment, then you want to knit for entertainment. He needs to compromise with you.

If none of that work, maybe he needs a swift kick in the rear end!