I cords- are they structural/necessary?


My first post on here, and I have a question. I’m almost finished with a hooded car coat project which I found in the premier issue of Knit It! (seems to be dated March 2002?)

The final item on the coat is an I-cord which is knitted and sewn on from the bottom of one side of the front up around the hood and down to the the other side of the front.

The sweater is knit with Lion Brand’s Homespun which is a bit stretchy.

I was considering leaving the I-cord off, but am concerned that it may prevent the hood and front edge from stretching. Although it doesn’t seem to be that solid. (in other words the i-cord is just as stretchy as the rest)

Since the yarn is considered bulky weight and the i-cord is made on 4 stitches (size 7?) dpn’s, to me it just looks wierd. (Bulky and not neat at all) (not to mention I hate the thought of having to sew it all on.) The pattern calls for an i-cord of 83" or so.

These are the ideas I’ve had of solving the problem:

1: leave it off altogether and hope for the best.
2: use a finer yarn in a co-ordinating colour. (I’d have to buy a new ball of yarn, and colour may be hard to match)
3. buy a ready made braid in co-ordinating colour and sew that on.

I was hoping someone might have some additional input or suggestions.

If need be I can send digital pictures of the sweater.

Any help would be appreciated!! :wall:

I don’t know the pattern, but you can probably do an i-cord bind off instead of making the i-cord and sewing it on. It makes a beautifully finished edge and I think it does make the edge less floppy. I used it on my sweater if you want to see it.

Here’s instructions for the i-cord bind off if you decided you want to do it.

You don’t want it tight, but you could try a smaller needle and/or use less stitches for the i-cord. I think I used only two on my sweater so it was smaller and fit in better. That LB Homespun might be hard to work with, but you give it a try.

:eyes: Well that might work, if the sweater wasn’t already done. You know how that hindsite thing works…

The more I look at the binding off I-cord directions, I don’t think that would work even had I used it from the beginning. As this is not where I bound off, but the edge of the front. (the edge of the row)
I will continue my quest till I figure a way…
My neices birthday is in September so hopefully, I’ll come up with something by then. It’s only taken me more than a year to make it, since I keep getting distracted with other things. :blooby:
Thanks for the suggestion though! I’ll keep it in mind for a future project! :wink:

Except you wouldn’t be binding off on that edge, would you? I figured maybe an applied I cord, where you co 3 or 4 and pick up a st from the edge of the jacket, but I haven’t really done one, so don’t know how it would work. Knitting it on size 7s would really make it stiff, which is good, except that you’re using homespun and it’s a bear to work with on a needle smaller than a 10 or 11.

Suzeeq -
Yes, working the homespun on the size 7’s is really a pain in the nether side. And it seems to be coming out about the thickness of my pinky, which to me looks way too bulky for the edging. Also, the homespun is never very smooth so it looks somewhat lumpy.
I just think the whole thing is far to big in diameter to look right on the coat/sweater.
I’m wondering if maybe I could just go over the edge with some type of crocheted stitch to make it look a bit more even.

I do know if I ever make this pattern again, I’m going to do things differently.
(but then I say that after almost every sweater I make. :lol: )
More pondering to do I guess…

I think single crochet along the edging would work very well.

… and I never follow a pattern completely, I always make modifications.

Oh okay. I thought you bound off at the front edge for some reason. :?? Sue’s idea of single crochet might work very well and would be a lot easier than making an i-cord and attaching it.