I am TRYING to make an i-cord but I’m having a tough time and I’m not sure why–my stitches are so tight I am having to use all of my strength to push my stitch up and off to my right dpn.

I watched the video and I’m doing just as amy does…

I am using wool-ease extra bulky and size 8 dpns–is it the size of the yarn??? I don’t know what to do–the portion that I have finished (7 rows–6 stitches wide) looks nice but it’s just so tight!! Is this normal??? HELP! TIA!

I think sometimes it can get tight since you give the end a little tug to get it started (I think she even mentions that in the video). I really shouldn’t be that tight though…it’ll drive you crazy! Maybe on the next row you could pull the yarn through a little extra so it isn’t so tight. Just make sure there won’t be a huge difference in the way it looks from the tight part to the looser part.

well it is possible it is a needle issue. I just checked Lion’s site and these are the gauges they list…

Wool-ease Chunky:
Knit: 14 St sts + 18 rows = 4 inches (10 cm) on size[color=red] 10½ U.S. [/color](6.5 mm) needles

Wool-ease Thick & Quick:
Knit: 9 St sts and 12 rows = 4" (10 cm) on[color=red] size 13 [/color](9 mm) needles

There is no “extra bulky” listed so i am guessing it is one of those.

The other thing is that you are probably pulling each stitch too tight too. you need to make sure it is tight enough to not get that icky edge but you can’t make it soooo tight that you can’t knit it either. Try changing the needle size and see if that helps!

Thanks guys–and I apologize–it is the thick and quick. I’m a little impatient so instead of waiting for a response–I decided that I was just knitting too tightly so I frogged what I had and started over. I’m on row 2 and it’s MUCH easier–I’m still kind of new to this and I’m starting to figure out that I knit WAY TO TIGHT!!! Thanks so much for responding–I knew the needles were probably a little small for the yarn but it’s the only dpns I have! :slight_smile:

lol i think we all understand the impatience! Glad it is going better. My issue with i-cord was that it didn’t look immediately like that pretty cord everybody gets when i first started and i would always quit like 3 rows in…one day i just decided to just keep knitting and magically the pretty cord appeared…amazing how that works! lol

Thanks for the tip–I was noticing that myself…:slight_smile: