The HARDEST thing I ever had to do it… BY FAR. :shock: :shock:

I must be doing something wrong… I mean. it “looks” right, but it cannot be that painful…can it? :??

How many stitches are you using? I have done 3 and 4 stitch i-cords but I wouldn’t want to go any higher than that. I do find that the stitches are a bit ‘challenging’ to get the needle into sometimes. Not really hard per se, just different than regular knitting. If it looks right then it probably is right and you will get the hang of it and it will become easier.

The first stitch is the one that is really hard! I mean…HARD! Maybe because the thread is on the other side, kwim? I’m doing with 3 stitches.

Yeah, I think it’s because when doing an i-cord you are using so few stitches that when you pull the yarn over from the opposite end to start the next row, it tightens everything up and does make especially that first stitch really tough. Perhaps you don’t have to pull quite as hard on the working yarn for that first stitch?

It doesn’t matter now… My toddler pulled the needle and made a mess and I had to frog the whole I-cord… :crying: :crying: :crying: :frog:

Thanks for the patience, queen! :heart:

Sorry :frowning: My kids have done that before too :doh: .

Have you gotten back at it yet?