I-Cord woes, any tips?

So I’m trying to knit an 8 stitch I-cord with doubled up worsted wool yarn. I can’t seem to get the first “rounds” tight enough. I tighten that first stitch SOO tight, to wear I can hardly even knit, and it still is loose. Whats up with that??

It seemed like last time I did and i-cord that it took a few rows before it really looked “together” I just kept tightening and eventually it looked right after an inch or two. Have you gotten that far yet?

That’s a lot of stitches for an I-cord…even with a double strand. Bet it looks good though!

Are you tugging really well at the end of every row? Sometimes that will help settle the stitches.

Please post if/when you figure it out! Renée

Tug really tight on the 2nd stitch of each row as well - that will help tighten up the first one.

It might just be too many stitches. There’s a limit to how many you can knit in I-cord fashion. If all else fails, you could knit it in the round on 2 or 3 DPNs.

Ok so now that I’ve gotten a little further it looks acceptable, although the first few stitches are still a bit loose. But I guess that will all “come out in the wash” when I felt it. I, too, feel like 8 is on the border of how many stitches will fit on an Icord. Thanks for the tips…and another question…

I have to eventually attatch the I-cord to the bag I made, any tips on sewing it on? I have no idea! I was also wondering wether it would be possible to just pick up 8 stitches from the bag to start the icord. Anyone ever tried it? Would it cause “bunching”?
Kilgore :XY:

If I did more projects that required i-cords, I’d be tempted to get one of these. :mrgreen:

Oh my word! That looks dangerous… :shock: its almost worth it for the trouble I-cord is giving me!

I’ve done applied I-cord around sweater necks, but only 3 stitch. I don’t think the method I used would work with 8 st, though and the book I looked at only mentions up to 4. So I guess you could sew it on.

Hi hi…

well you’ll have to sew it on now. This was my dilemma when I was making my big White String Bag. You can see a picture of it in
Recently Finished Projects page 17…

I sewed it on putting it about an inch down so it would be real secure. (if you know what I mean)

I couldn’t imagine doing 8 stitches with double yarn though! That’s TORTURE (unless the yarn is very thin). Too late now, but if you’re going to felt, you could just knit a strip coz it will shrink anyway (well I have a beautiful felted bag I bought like that). But, I’m sure it will turn out!
with effort :smiley:

Thanks Victoise!
Yes after a few inches I’m VERY sick of it! But it does look pretty cool, and it’ll make for one strong handle! It is a skull tote bag, so it better be hardore.
Are there any tricks I should know for sewing it on? I’m not really a sewer, but the idea seems pretty straight forward…

Hi Kilgore!

Well, the only trick I can give you (if it is a trick!)
is I felt that putting the Icord down about an inch was more stable then using just the edge if you know what I mean. Of course, you use the same yarn you used to sew it on with a yarn needle. And you can either put the Icord INSIDE the bag or OUTSIDE the bag. Strangely enough, mine looked better outisde the bag coz it flowed with the ummmm, I don’t know, ok, it just looked better. inside would be good too, but if you use maybe not an inch, 1/2 inch. you know, more than the edge, you’ll get better support.

Then you just sew with yarn all around… so it’s a nice clean ATTACHMENT. Does this make sense!!!