I-Cord without DPN

This really isn’t a how to question, but rather it’s a How I did it item. I was trying to find out how to make a I-cord without DPN, since at the time I had no money to afford them. Anyway, I found that if you want to cast on 3-6 stitches then work them, instead of sliding them to the other end like you would with DPN, just transfer back to the left hand needle and knit again. Not sure if this was common knowledge and I apologize if it is, but figured I would mention it.

GOOD JOB figuring that out on your own! :cheering:

I didn’t use dpns either - I used a circular and it worked GREAT!!! I just scooted all the stitches back down to the other end of the circular and worked them over and over!!

brilliant! :cheering:

Amy mentions using regular kneedles and switching in her video…l

but I love making I-cords with DP needles…somehow I just love the rhythm of the process…I know some people hate making I-cord but I think it is fun.

I made my first I-cord the other day. I just love doing those! Suppose there are I-cord scarf patterns? Maybe an I-cord sweater???

There’s an I-cord rug in this book.