I-cord questions

I’m a new knitter (about 3 months now) and I’ve just learned how to apply an I-cord to a scarf. Yippee! I do love it. My problem is my corners are round…is there any way to make my I-cord somewhat square around all the corners? Also when I meet up with the beginning of the I-cord what would be the best way to join the beginning and the end of the I-cord?

For those who use and like this technique, what have you found is the best way to apply it? Should I start it in the middle of a row or at the end if I am boardering something like a scarf? (On my practice scarf, all my corners came out somewhat rounded except the corner I started with – it looks a bit square…sigh)

I start a little bit past the corner, maybe a quarter of the way down one side, not on the corner. When I come to the corners, I ease in a little more of the I-cord as it rounds the corner so the corner is rounded and doesn’t pull or gather.

I had a feeling it was best not to start exactly on the corner.