I cord question

I am a new knitter who is completing a felted bag with ICord Bind Off - Don’t know what to do with the last five stitches - Any help in easy explanation?

Are you talking about finishing the i-cord? If so, I think you just bind off like normal. If you’re doing the black sheep felted bag, then you’re going to be cutting off the ends of the i-cord after you thread it through the bag.

I found a video here: http://www.knittingatnoon.com/atticord.html which shows how to apply i-cord along the edge of an already finished item (which is similar to doing an i-cord bind-off). At the end of the video it shows how to use the last few stitches.

Interesting - I’d never heard of doing an i-cord bind off before (I’m new to knitting). I recently made a felted bag and that would have been nice - maybe I’ll make another bag soon.

I’m a very elderly knitter with a very failing memory. Your site
is a great source for forgotten techniques.
Many thanks!