I cord question

What’s the most stitches you can have to do an i-cord using Amy’s method? The straps on my bag are calling for 11 stitches on 3 dpn’s. And I’m not the biggest fan of dpn’s and I want to get it done quickly, but it seems like the loop is going to be too long for i-cord on the circ.
Any thoughts? :thinking:

i’m no i-cord expert, but i have only ever seen instructions for i-cord using 3 or 4 stitches. hope this helps!

I’ve used the double i-cord and one with 7 stitches Cast on 7 knit 4, bring yarn to front, slip 3 turn. until right lenght.

oh wow! i didn’t even know that was considered i-cord, i’m doing it right now over 9 stitches, K6, wyif sl3 pwise! i love it!

So, if I need to do 11, do I knit 8 and then sl 3 purlwise?

on my item, which is the belt for hipster, it creates a 3 stitch “cord” on both edges, but there is a flat middle. this is also for a felted item and that’s for durability and to stop stretching.