I-cord question again

I have 9 stitches left on the top of my hat. 3 stitches on 3 needles…the instructions say to keep knitting around for 3.5 inches. Someone suggested I just do I-cord.

How do I do that with 9 stitches? I’ve watched the video so I know how it is done with 3 but will it work with 9?

I think 9 is a lot for an icord. You could keep reducing until you have 3 and then do an icord. k2tog, k1, k2tog, k1, k2tog, k1–you’ll have 6 and then you could k2tog to get 3 and work the icord from there.

though i would actually like to see that big fat i-cord on the top of the hat! :shock:

Do you think it would work? I keep imagining a thumb. :rofling:

i think it would make for a rather amusing hat…but yes…it would be about as big as a thumb i would think.

I keep trying to picture an i-cord on top, but can’t…how’s that work? :??

well you know, like those little umbillical cord hats?

Like this.

I’m glad I provided some amusement! :rofling: :oops:

I misunderstood my friend…she meant to keep on decreasing until I got to 3 stitches THEN do Icord.

Drat, I was hoping to see the 9-stitch i-cord! :rofling:

Ohhhh I see!

Once I tried that… It didn’t work and it was UGLY! I frogged it so I can’t share a picture.

I suspected that it wouldn’t look right, but I was hoping I was wrong :wink:

I did a large i-cord for the strap of my booger… 8 stitches I think. It wasn’t the neatest, but since I was felting it anyway, it turned out perfect. BTW: I did it on 3 working needles, not just one like regular i-cord.