I-cord is *so* boring

I’m never gonna get this bag done… I keep making excuses to get up about every 2 rows of this i-cord :rollseyes:

Ugh! I toally agree. After using i-cord on one bag, I used the twisted method on the next one. Much easier and still looks great!

what’s the twisted method?

I learned it in a previous post from Kimmie. Here is the quote from her post:

Twisted cord instructions:
Okay. First determine how many yards (or feet or whatever) of cord you want to wind up with and multiply that by 8.

So, for example, if you want to end up with 2 yards of cord, you multiply 2x8=16.

Take that number and pull that amount of yarn out of your skein. So, in my example, I’d pull out 16 YARDS of continuous yarn.

Fold that in half (now I have 8 yards).

Fold it in half again (now I have 4 yards).

Tie a knot at one end.

Secure the knotted end somewhere. Either have somebody who loves you dearly hold one end, or place it over a hook. It doesn’t really matter how you secure it, but you just don’t want that end to move.

Now, holding the other end, stand across the room from the secured end and twist, twist, twist, twist (yawn) twist, twist a whole bunch. Keep doing this until the yarn is quite twisted. You can do this more or less to your liking.

When you feel it has twisted enough, match up your end to the secured end and the cord should twist and double over itself. Sometimes at this point you have to kind of help it along to make it all even. Don’t let go of your end or everything will untwist.

If you are happy with the way the cord (rope) looks, then tie both of the ends together in one bigger knot (the secured end & the end you were holding). Now you should have about a 2 yard cord.

I have felted the cords (as I did for the Booga Bag) or used them unfelted. Whatever you like!

Hopefully that made sense. After all that explaining, I wonder if Amy already has a video up or something that would make that even more clear.

I attached a pic of the bag…hopefully you can get an idea of what the handle looks like.

well that’s easy enough isn’t it…is yours in the picture felted then?

yes…it’s been a while, so I’m not sure how it would look unfelted. I think maybe it would come apart too easily.

I haven’t got to I-cords yet… thats another thing I need to do… however my afghan I’m doing for a friend is YAWWWWNN City!!! :rollseyes: need a yawning guy lol

I just knit 6 feet of Icord for my sis’ bigga bag…it knits up SO quick! What does everyone hate so much about Icord? :??

There you go again! “like, i-cord is soooooo easy because I am the knitting bomb!” :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

I don’t hate it… I just find it mundane and boring. I have no motivation in knitting it… but I like the look so I’ll knit on :XX:

That is the perfect description. It does look great though, doesn’t it?

That is the perfect description. It does look great though, doesn’t it?[/quote]
Yeah… and you can’t even go in to brainless mode (or at least I can’t) since there just isn’t enough time to zone out before you have to do something.

OH c’mon now! Be nice! :inlove:

Now what fun would that be??? :devil: besides, you know I’m just messin’!

You are on fire with the posts today! You must be feeling particularly inspired :slight_smile:

My donor database happens to be running especially SLOW today, so I am checkin in while running reports and such! :wink:

Did you know that the “I” in i-cord stands for. . . . are your ready?


Ahhh…a couple more more days of that and you will be busting 3000 in no time :wink:

:roflhard: i was sitting and reading kemp’s post and scrolled up slightly and saw the word “idiot” and had to go further to see what was goin’ on there! Then i saw that dear sweet INGRID was calling someone an idiot and i was reeeeeeeeeeeeally intrigued. Of course the end result wasn’t nearly as entertaining as the thoughts in my head…lol

:roflhard: :roflhard: Good one Ingrid!

Okay … ya’ll know I’ve been out of the loop bc I wasn’t feeling well…then the afghan…then the socks.

So…what’s up with the Kemp saying "Ahhh…a couple more more days of that and you will be busting 3000 in no time " to Ingrid?..fyi…good one, Ingrid…lol; it is the meaning…I.D.I.O.T. cord…lol :roflhard:

I confess…I’m one of few, it seems, that likes to make I cords, they end up looking great (after blocking, of course) and they do the trick, yes?!

WOW, I feel so lost :rollseyes: after being away for so long. It’s gonna take forever to catch up with the goings on over here…so, anybody can feel free to fill me in about anything, anytime. Whether on the forum or pm or email. I HATE not knowing everything that’s happening :frowning:

Okay, I’m off…have a happy :XX: day …especially [color=red]sock :XY: [/color] day YEAH!!