I-cord help!

Ok, this is my first project using a i-cord. I noticed the i-cord stitch looks way diff. then my garter stitch! I an knitting a iphone cover with a strap and the holder for the iphone is in garter, but the i-cord looks more like the reg. knitting! How can I make my i-cord strap match the garter? Should I just keep it or :frog: ?


-chelsea :thud:

I :pray: that you can help!

Icord is going to turn out like stockinette because it’s like knitting in the round - knit every row is stockinette. You can try doing every other row as a purl, but I don’t think it’s going to work. Or use work garter stitch flat and turn at the end of the row. The icord stockinette is going to be better for a strap though, one in garter would be too stretchy and get way too long.

My i-cord is fairly stretchy right now - just as much as my normal garter!

Well, try the garter Icord and see how that works.

ok, so i knit a small section in garter and it did not look very nice, back to the stocknet stitch

Icord done in purl doesn’t seem to work; I tried it at the edges of a piece tonight to see how it would work and it didn’t.

Even if you alternate rows of knit and purl for the I-cord, it won’t match the garter st because you’re only working one I-cord row for every 2 garter rows. Also it’s not quite as neat where it joins the garter st as you might like.