I-cord help

I’ve finished my first Booga bag, but I just can’t seem to master the I-cord. I did a few inches last night, and one side looks great, but the other (back) side just doesn’t look like it forms a circle, know what I mean? The cord itself seems more flat that cylinder shaped. Am I just not knitting far enough, like does it curl more as I go or something?
Anyone have any tips? THANKS!

Is it a I-cord with five stitches? I’ve found that the five stictch ones don’t look the same on the back. You’re felting it anyway aren’t you? Maybe it will fluff up a bit when you do that.

Yes, 5, and yes, I’m felting it. Maybe I’ll do some tonight and felt it and see how it looks.

:think: Are you pulling that first stitch tight enough? That sometimes makes mine more tube-like. I wouldn’t worry too much about it though, should look fine after felting.

Good luck!

This is precisely why I have a knitting spool I have the Wooden Knitting Knobby from Halcyonyarn.com as well as the Cedar spool from that same site. I have a friend who is making me one that has fibe pegs on it so I can make thicker cords.

I have found when making the I cord to pull your work down after every row, it results in a more even cord.

I second what bemidjigrrl says about pulling on the i-cord helping out.