I cord help

Hello Everyone,

Yes, I’ve seen the video. On the video she uses 3 stitches, just FYI I
am using 6 stitches.

What I am confused about is what I call the ‘working yarn’. The yarn
that goes back to the ball of yarn. By sliding the fabric to the other
end of the needle and knitting again, the yarn is just there, straight,
from what is now the bottom of the piece yet I’m suppose to knit
with it like that? I’ve only done 4 rows as I type this, maybe it will
look like the pictures if I keep going…


The bottom? Not sure what you mean, but when making an i-cord the working yarn will be on the far left stitch. Pull it across and start knitting normally. As it’s wrapped across like that it will form the back and become a cord.

Yes, because you do not turn your work around to start the next round, the working yarn will be coming from what seems to be the wrong side of the work. You need to pull the first stitch or two nice and tight, and it will appear that you will have a horizontal strand of yarn going across the back of your cord, but if you pull the first couple of stitches tight enough and keep going for quite a few rows, you will see that it will begin to form a tube and those strands will not be noticeable at all.

That said, 6 stitches sounds like quite a few to use for an i-cord. I don’t think I’ve ever done more than 3 or 4. Is this is what’s instructed in a specific pattern?

I did see somewhere to stitch 3 - 6 stitches. However, since I really
need to see this, make a practice piece, I will start again with 3 stitches.

Thanks for such fast responses.

Note, too, that it won’t look very cord-like until you’ve knit several rows. The first time I knit one I kept thinking I was doing something wrong. Nope, just needed to wait for the i-cord to do its thing :slight_smile:

You really should see this hideous thing I created. My knitting isn’t good
but I did have a little confidence, until now.

I plan on buying the gadget I noticed online while looking for instructions
to make i(diot) cords and I will continue to practice making them but not for
a while. My ego must be repaired.

I’m back to practice stitching, doing a moss stitch now.

I believe in 10 years I will be able to make a sweater. :smiley:


Oh, don’t let it get you down! All knitting takes practice! My first i-cord looked like it had been chewed by rats.

You can do it! :thumbsup: