I-cord gloves question

Has anyone made I-cord gloves (i.e., from Meg Swansen’s book, [I]Handknitting with Meg Swansen[/I])?

I believe she does the gloves fingers down; however, I’m wondering if I-cord can also be used for the fingers when knitting cuff up. Does anyone know? Have you tried it? Does it work? Anything I should know before I give it a whirl?


Try making an i-cord and see what it looks like on the end. That would be the best way. I’ve tried making fat i-cords like you’d use for gloves, but I wasn’t happy with the outcome so I’ve never tried the gloves.

That’s an intriguing idea. I’ve reached a limit to the size of the I-cord that I’m happy with, depending on the weight of the yarn. I’ll be interested in how your experiment turns out.

Good idea, Jan. I’ll make this first pair the trial run.

Here’s a site that talks about making the fingers this way (but from the fingers down):



Anne Carroll Gilmore gives the traditional method for making glove fingers in her pattern Very Basic “Dancing at Lughnasa” Gloves, but she says she always uses the I-cord method. And the gloves she gives the pattern for are made from the cuff up. Hence my suspicion that the method can be used either way you make gloves.

I got the ladders, but never thought about fixing them that way. Neat!