I-Cord Felting

Good Morning,I just purchased a Pilot MP3 player and want to make a cozy for it. Could someone tell me if I felt the I-Cord before or after assembly? Thanks so much! anne sebago, ME

i would suppose it mostly depends on how it is assembled. the felted icord usually makes a pretty dense fabric so if you are going to stitch it on after it could be kind of difficult to get through.

I would felt first, different stitches felt differently and you might not like the result if you felted assembled/ I’ve sewn I cord after felting without difficulty.

I just finished a purse with an I - Cord for the strap. I put them both in the pillowcase and washed them for the felting then poked a hole in the purse to run the I - Cord thru. I poked the hole with a big knitting needle.

Usually the pattern will say, but if not, it depends on how you’re attaching your cord. If you’re running it through some sort of hole, then afterwards…but if it’s knitted or sewn to the bag, you could do ti before.

[COLOR=blue]Good Morning! Thank you all for taking the time to respond! :hug: I finished the cozy and cord yesterday and they are now drying on my ironing board. Can’t wait to get home and assemble it. :cheering: The pattern didn’t say - it was a pattern someone online posted on her blog (should have e-mailed her lol) [/COLOR]

[COLOR=blue]Thanks again! Everyone on this forum are grand![/COLOR]
[COLOR=blue]sebago ME[/COLOR]