I-cord dilema

I am knitting a baby bib using size 6 needles. Am up to making the I-cord. Knitter who wrote the pattern said a drop down in needle size could be done at this time. Is this necessary? Any suggestions? Thanks so much! :knitting:

It is a matter of preference. (I’m guessing this is for the ties for the bib) If you drop down in size it will make a finer cord which you might better for tying. The designer leaves it up to you. You could try an i-cord on a scrap of your yarn with the 6 and see how you like it. Try your other options if you have more needles and see what you like best. If you don’t have other needles to use don’t worry about it, just use the 6, it will just make the cord a bit bulkier.

How many stitches do they use for their i-cord? If you’d like to make it finer and don’t have a smaller needle you could use fewer stitches. If they use 4 you could use 3 (or even 2), if they use 3 you could use only 2. If they use 2, you’re out of luck to try that method of making a smaller cord.

Thank you, Merigold. Will try the drop down in needle size to see how it looks and ties. I have to think of the Mom, too, whose hands are already busy enough. No need to add bulky ties! Thanks from a knitting newbie.