i cord cast on how to rejoin yarn on dpns

I am making the Fiddlehead Mittens (Ravelry) and the instructions are to use the i-cord cast on. I would like to know how I must rejoin the yarn at the end of my cast on. I learned the i-cord cast on on a youtube video but it was a flat cast on, so there was no need to rejoin the yarn at the end of the row.

Lise R.

Gorgeous pattern.

You need to join the last stitch cast on to the first stitch cast on. You can do that by just starting to knit that first stitch. Sometimes knitters switch the place of the first and last sts or cast on an extra stitch and knit the forst and last sts together. When you join, make sure the sts aren’t twisted.

Thank you for your answer, salmonmac!

Lise R.

Because of the way the icord is knitted along, you must bind off the remaining stitches of the icord at the end before joining in the round. There are a few instructive videos on YouTube showing how to join the two sides of the icord if you are working on dpns or a circular needle.