I-cord cast on dillemma

I am making my own hat pattern with a bun hole in the back. I have made one before (also my own pattern) but this time I wanted to make it fancier.

I want to know if it is at all possible to do the i-cord cast on in the middle of a row? I have tried a few times but it hasn’t worked. There is a bind off edge that I did the i-cord bind off with and I want the adjacent cast on edge to match but it is in the middle of a row.

I hope I have not thoroughly confused you and I hope ya’ll can help.

Would a provisional cast-on help? Cast on with waste yarn, unpick when you’re done and finish as you need to?

I like the idea of the provisional cast on.
Would it also be possible to continue the I-cord from the bind off for as long as necessary and then go back and pick up sts from the I-cord (pick up sts in place of the cast on).

Not really, salmonmac, because it is in the round and I am binding off in the middle of the round.
The provisional cast on might work. I’ll try it!
Thanks, you guys, for understanding (at least partly) my question and answering!