I-Cord cast on - any proper way?


I have lately been trying to come up with an I-cord cast on (matching the i-cord bind off).

Well, my tries were unsuccessfull - then I googled it up and that came up with the same thing: you knit I-cord and you pic up the string before knitting the 3 stitches. Or you work the 1st stitch as kfb.

Both ways are not satisfying for me.

The kfb shows and the picked up string is not pretty either (or am I just doing it wrong)

Also with both ways I have a problem with the first row of stitches that I create: They pull slack out of the I-cord and turn really long after knitting them off (twice the size?). Also at the end of the cast on edge, I do not know how to stop the edge from riding up towards the stitches (that curve CAN be desireable, I guess, but not for straight works).

Does anyone have any other idea?

I have been trying to think up a way to make it happen… well, I was not successfull yet.

Do you mean a cast on for an actual i-cord or the i-cord cast on where your entire normal cast on is i-cord? :think:

Did I puzzel you?

I do not care which way to create the stitches for my I-cord. Usually cable cast on, but any will do.

No, I want a cast on edge that is I-cord-stlye.

Like with the I-cord bind off, I knit the I-cord and k2tog tbl every time to create an I-cord that is incorporated into / as the cast off edge.
Now, I think there must be a reasonable way to cast on the same style… and I-cord from which the stitches “pop out” / stem / run up from… you know?

My piece in st st would then hav that sideways roll on the bottom edge as a border, where usually a cast on edge would be.

Yup, I can make that happen with a provisional cast on and knitting down from there to cast off in I-cord. But do I need to go that detour? Or can I cast on by knitting an I-cord that creates extra stitches? (without the troubles named above)…

maybe it just does not work any better. Then I will need to surrender and do the provisional cast on thing again. But once I know, I can sleep in peace :slight_smile:

Ha! Just need to clarify.

This is the i-cord cast on I have bookmarked. :think:

Hi Jan!
that one I had found, too. But the stitches looked odd with the kfb… I felt confirmed, at first, because my own attempt went that way as well. But the output… also the stitches drew out long.

Well, I will practice on and on. SOOO good, that you can just rip out after bad tries :slight_smile: