I cord bind off - knitting in the round

Help! My Mom and I are knitting a bag in the round and the pattern so far has been less than helpful. We figured it could not get any worse until we hit the I cord bind off directions. Between the two of us we have 21 years of knitting experience and we are still having problems. I’ve found lots of directions for I cord bind off using double pointed needles and one rather detailed set for knitting in the round, but after following the directions three times, we ended up with mess after mess. Does anyone have an explanation that might make my life easier? I appreciate any advice anyone has to give!


sorry you are having such trouble.
I have only done it once with a decently written pattern but i also found the following article from knitty.com to be helpful. It is as normal clearly written with some nice clear photographs. It is about half way down the page and is the pictures with the blue yarn.
Bind-off tutorials from knitty