I-cord as anti-roll edging?

Hi everyone,

I just finished knitting and blocking a mohair/metallic thread stockinette scarf with four seed stitches on each side…and the sides STILL roll up. It’s a worsted-weight yarn on #9 needles. :??

I’m thinking about doing an edging of matching I-cord attached all the way around the scarf, in a last attempt at anti-roll measures. What do y’all think? Can I-cord be enough to overcome the stockinette roll?


I know people have used it that way, but the proof will be in the pudding, as it were. Have you checked out the sticky about rolling edges? It’s near the top of the how to section.

What about a simple crochet border? I would think that would be easier, and I have found it works to help garments lie flatter.

Hi Jane,

Yes, I had looked at the sticky… one person had asked specifically about using I-cord as edging, but no one had answered her question in the thread. There are several mentions of attaching crochet edging, but I don’t know how to crochet. So I’m hoping that I-cord may have some of the same benefits…


Hi Keri. Here’s an old post discussing it. Sorry I didn’t realize it was separate from the sticky! :wink: There are links to an article about using i-cord for rolling (made in reference to machine knitting, but I’m sure it would apply to hand knitting), as well a video on how to do an attached i-cord directly onto the edge of the fabric (instead of making it separately and sewing it on).

Thanks for the info and link, Jane! The idea of knitting an I-cord directly to the fabric sounds much more appealing than knitting separately and then sewing it on. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for success…