I-Cord Advice


Hello! I’ve made this blanket

And twice I’ve had to rip out the applied I-cord because it puckered the blanket too much. The first time I followed the pattern where I picked up four of every five stitches and the second time I picked up every stitch with the same result. I’ve never had this happen before and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m going to give it one last try and I would appreciate any advice.


Really gorgeous blanket!
Is it puckering at the corners or is it along the straight edges too?
I wonder if you tried picking up every stitch with a size larger needle.


Thanks salmonmac, I switched to a bigger needle and am also picking up/making two stitches for every one, if that makes sense. The yarn itself is the problem, it’s a thick and thin type that goes from lace to heavy worsted with very long sections where it’s lace weight that really throws everything off. I used Mary maxim prism yarn as pictured and though I really like the pattern I would not use that yarn again.


Could you purchase a different yarn in a complementary color, preferably one that is uniform thickness?
I can see where a thick and thin yarn would be very frustrating to work with.


How about working a narrow cord into the icord as you work, this might help you even out the different yarn thicknesses.