I confess-I've not gauged!

So far, I’ve only made scarves, a hat, and a partial pair of socks. I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never done a guage swatch. :blush: Since I was mostly warming up to learning to knitting, I wasn’t overly concerned with it. Now, I’m ready to start tackling projects that will be gift worthy, and I want to know they’ll fit if they’re hats or socks, and that I won’t run out of yarn.

Could someone please explain it to me, exactly how it works? For instance, the Roll Brim Hat pattern says:

4.5 sts=1"

What do I do with that? :shock:

psssssssst…me neither…i would prolly save a lot of money on yarn if i would gauge instead of automatically buying two of everything…lol. BUT it takes me so long to stitch 4x4 do i really just wanna start over at that point?..lol

so anyway…yeah how do you do that!

Knit a square that is 5" x 5" and measure the middle…you want to have 18 sts in a 4" space. OR, knit something smaller and measure a 1" space & hope for 4 1/2 sts. Change needle size up or down as necessary.

Yeah I never gauged till I did the roll briom hat either…

But let me tell ya I did on that one… it usually says a 4x4 square… but that one said: 4.5 stiches an inch… so I cheated… I just did 3 rows (straight) on my circs and found I was doing 6/inc… so I upped the needle and went to 4.5 a inch… ripped 'em out and cast on

I probably did about 4 inch wide (20-25 sts) and 3 rows… just to test… couse that’s cheating… but it worked for me

Check you Knitty’s Swatch Out! article if you want to read more :wink:

that article is certainly overwhelming - i’ve swatched, but i definitely haven’t swatched like that!!

Neither have I. :lol:

Oh I don’t do all that fancy gauging stuff. I just knit up a good 4x4ish sqaure of what I’m using and measure in a few palces to get an average stich per inch. If it’s not looking good then change needles. Then I rip out and start the pattern. Washing the gauge square and alla that is such a waste. (Or a privilege to be able to use up that much yarn) so I just skip it. After a while of knitting I’ve gotten to the point where I can sorta tell after only a few inches how my gauge is looking and if I need to go up or down a size. But I use the same yarn so much of the time, I kinda just know my gauge but I swatch anyway. Good luck

Okay, I think I’m ready to knit a gauge swatch. :thumbsup:

Thanks, everyone! :smiley:

There’s a really nifty tool called the gauge-o-knit that I love to use. Just knit a square (the tool specifies how big but I don’t remember), measure it with the gauge-o-knit, and it will tell you how many stitches per inch you have. It’s great.

Hey Hilde, are you talking about something like this? This is what I use and I love it! :happydance: