can anyone tell me how to WEAVE 2 I-CORDS together…they’re straps on a tank…so front I-CORD needs to be wolven to back I-CORD


I would have only knit one I-cord, probably starting in the front and then sew them in in the back. So if you are not yet at that point: That would be a good option.

If you have already knit the cords: I would keep them both as live stitches (if you have cast off, carefully open it again to have the 3 or 4 life stitches that you knit the I-cord with). Place them on a needle.

Then line up both I-cords. Then use the kitchener stitch.
There is a video in the videos-section.

I think this should work out.

But I have to tell you:[I] I didn’t ever do that.[/I]

So maybe make 2 little pieces of I-cord and give it a try on a test piece.

Could you put both sets of stitches on one needle and work them together? For example: x-x-x- and then knit together into one?

I think if you did that it would show. Here an invisible (no thicker or thinner) version would be great.
If you knit 2 I-cords in the round, then you have a round of 6 stitches (with a 3 stitch I-cord). That would be thicker than before and therefore show.